My New Favourite Birds – The Black Egret and Potoo

It’s not every day that I get inspired or be awe struck by something so different and I have no other way to put it. So here’s a post dedicated to them.

First up,


The Black Egret, an absolute beauty.
Isn’t it just wonderful?, like a stealthy predator ready to strike any moment.
Now, what’s so great about it? This next picture will show you exactly that.


See the two fellas on the left? They look like they’re hiding, but appearances can be deceiving and this is a good example of that.

“How do you hunt during the day when your prey hides in the darkness?

You make your own, like the black egret!”

These birds use “canopy feeding,” where they form their wings into a makeshift umbrella that blocks out the sunlight and creates a small area of darkness underneath for fish to hide in. But when fish get close enough to the surface, the egret makes its move and has a nice meal.

–from IFLS’s FB page

Pretty neat, huh?  But as always the internet finds a way to make a joke out of anything and the Black Eglet is no exception. So here’s one I found quite funny

Up next, the Potoo


  Pretty funny, right? The next pic will just melt your heart.

The Potoo are indigenous to South American forests are just about the coolest birds I’ve seen.
What’s so cool about them? just look at THEM!!

Or Just do a google image search, sit back and enjoy.


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