Truth Behind Magic Operating System Developed by Std. X Student

Sad what people do for publicity these days….


So there is a news spreading all over the internet about a wiz kid who developed an “independent operating system” and “a microchip embedded with a program providing kernel modules that enable two different environments and features of both the kernels in a single platform”.

If you haven’t actually seen this news yet, here’s a clip of the press release interview of the upcoming ‘prodigy’.

Awesome! Let us look at this ground breaking innovation and the so called patent. Is it really cut out to be as innovative as it claims? Or will it phase out with time?

Contributing Authors:
1. Saikat Basak
2. Krishnashish Gogoi (Aisheng Miso)

Special Mentions:
Krishanu Kashyap and Shritam Bhowmick, for bringing out some solid points in the comment thread discussion and for making the whole ordeal much less painful and much more entertaining. 😉

Notes before reading: The references to the…

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