Unnumbered Sparks : Interactive Art

Unnumbered Sparks is not like your usual art installations, you don’t see it from a distance and have someone explain what it is.

You get to interact with it, you get to change it, with others present nearby to create a beautiful and unique light show.

Basically, You install its app, connect to the server through your smart phone. Doodle all you like and see it magically rendered in front of your eyes. Pretty Cool Stuff!!



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Hi!, My name is Gokula Krishnan, you can (and I prefer) call me gokul. I'm a third year Computer Science major from BITS Pilani. I'm interested in Technology, Theoretical Computer Science and Discrete Mathematics. A FOSS enthusiast, I'm one of the founders of the BITS Firefox community. I'm currently working on Big Data Analytics, Machine learning and UNIX shell programming. My not-so-geeky hobbies include playing volleyball and football and origami

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