How to check if you’re connected to the Internet

Keeping up with my promise, I thought I could start with something simple, almost funny even, yet a very important question

How to check if you’re connected to the internet, the biggest knowledge base known to mankind.


Normal People
1. Open up your browser, in my case it’s firefox
2. Click on the long tab on top
3. Type and press enter
4. If the google’s page opens up, congrats

1. Open up a terminal
2. type in ping

3. If you get a reply, you’re connected to the net

Normal People
1. Typing in works too!
2. You can directly search for something instead of going to google first

1. Try out traceroute (You need to have traceroute installed first)
2. Try out sudo ping -f

NOTE: is Google’s DNS Server




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Hi!, My name is Gokula Krishnan, you can (and I prefer) call me gokul. I'm a third year Computer Science major from BITS Pilani. I'm interested in Technology, Theoretical Computer Science and Discrete Mathematics. A FOSS enthusiast, I'm one of the founders of the BITS Firefox community. I'm currently working on Big Data Analytics, Machine learning and UNIX shell programming. My not-so-geeky hobbies include playing volleyball and football and origami

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