Farewell Dehradun!

What do you do when you have 28 hours to do almost anything?
Sleep? Read a book?
Probably, if you were comfortable enough

So what is the best option?

Relive the memories, the wonderful experience that was Dehradun!

Never did the fact that PS 1 was over hit me until I got off the train at Delhi. Hot, crowded and bustling with activity, this concrete jungle was a huge contrast from the sights of the day before.


So here’s my two cents trying to capture the two months in as much detail as my memory serves me.

Most people say that you don’t learn anything in PS 1, I disagree.
Granted I didn’t learn as much as I wanted but you can’t expect to learn much in two months, can you?

Just a question, does mastering the puppy and dog bark count as learning?

I did know to swim, but I didn’t know I was this good a swimmer.
Hand-stands,back-flips,bunny hops, quadruple sommersaults  just a list of tricks I discovered I can do underwater.
Even giving a four hour crash course in swimming, I’m impressed with myself.

From a kid who gets nauseated after an earthquake to a guy developing a crowd sourced disaster reporting infrastructure,I did grow a lot ( metaphorically ofc 😉 )
IIRS was my fourth preference after BARC, IGCAR and TIFR. But now I think getting IIRS was the best “misfortune” I had in a long time.

I made a lot of friends, both human and otherwise.

Mickey and Roney

Fireflies!, how could I forget them? Dehradun was the first time I saw fireflies in real life. They seem to have an unearthly glow and I took to sitting outside most nights looking at them.

Just like any human settlement, Dehradun and neighbouring areas too had its own share of weirdness

You need to filthy rich or a special type of stupid to buy this
Wasn’t smoking in public places prohibited?
Freemasons’ lodge just after getting down at mussoorie


Even monks can’t resist the temptation of Cheese bites!
Shiv-ji taking a selfie
not too amused, eh?


I’ll pass the 300ml cock, thank you very much..

And finally, Wherever you go, the Birla family follows

sneaky one, this
clock tower fetish

The weekends were quite fun, the trips unforgettable


Mussoorie and dhanaulti, my first long trek.

The city of Dehradun as seen from Mussoorie
The first time I saw a snow-clad mountain, WOW!
well said!


haridwar, rishikesh the usual tourist spots

You shall not pass (the test cases) !

What startled me about Haridwar was religion’s ability to unite people, yet sadly it is used to do the exact opposite.


shastradhara, lacchiwala, robbers’ cave,  swimming spots



santala devi temple, trek 2km up, climb up a ledge, jump down, run the 2km stretch downhill, done..





kurukul-gaon, isolated yet beautiful




Dehradun was no less beautiful


That’s whats called a room with a view

My pics are not the best, but there’s only so much you can capture with 3 million pixels.
I guess the best things in life can never be captured.


If there are some pics, they are probably from sid’s camera or other people’s phones



Here are few people who made the PS experience unforgettable,

First off, my team mates. Kunal and Harsh, you guys were awesome.

Without you two, i-DRAS would have never seen the light of day.





Thanks girish for being a weird yet fun roomie :-p


Good luck with Waves, Mr. Mohta the wavy baby.

That's how he woos sponsors
That’s how he woos sponsors


Thanks sid for all the trekking trips, without them the weekends would have been a drag.

foo does love bar 😉

So here’s how a usual trip is planned. Nothing happens till 11 30 pm friday, between 11 30 to 12 30, I get a call from siddhant filling me on the plan, finally “Ok, so you have to come to XYZ place by 6 30 am”  ,”Ok”. Minutes later I call vivek and he tells me the route. So at max I have five hours of sleep, wake up and reach there. Almost certainly I miss both breakfast and lunch.

Was it worth? Hell yeah! That’s the price you pay for living on the bleeding edge 😀


Not to mention, thank you, Raghav the explorer and Vivek, may your Mighty Himalayas never be destroyed.





Thanks kunjesh for reminding me what being passionate about something was all about.

Ok, not this..

Thanks to everyone else. for…. well, just being your awesome selves.

Of course, when there are ups, there are bound to be downs….

0. Couldn’t go bungee jumping in Rishikesh, should’ve started a fund-raiser before going there XD

1. Didn’t visit FRI, tapkeshwar, Buddha temple, Tehri Dam or Rajaji National Park

FRI hallway, courtesy KK

2. Didn’t have Veg. Butter Chicken, can’t believe I missed that!

Not even rogan josh, sigh..

3. Twice failed attempts at a train-selfie. Just don’t ask….


4. Didn’t meet Ruskin Bond. Biggest let down of them all. I was outside his frigging home when he was away.

There were others waiting for his arrival
There were others waiting for his arrival



There are just way too many things that I would like to thank people for, but I can’t put it down in words.

That’s what happens when you try to compress two months worth of memories in a single blog post. I guess I will have to end it here.


Here’s to the most swaggity swag, swagalicious super sexy swaggers of all swagpurs in swagaland.

You guys rock!!

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