Its been a long time since wrote something substantial in a human language. In that time, I have had numerous opportunities to introspect on many things like human relations, how likely is it that I create new ones .etc. All the while, I was aware that I was breaking my promise of one tech post per week.

The hiatus was not intentional, but it did provide a lot of data and many questions have been answered. My last post on Apache web server was agreeably long and I realized that I was trying to pack in too much info into one post. Why would people read anything that long? I’m not an authority on webservers so people don’t have a motive to read it. Even as a writer, its taxing to write a long article as you need to keep a lot of things in mind and proof-reading is a real pain.

I have read some posts, really really long posts by extremely knowledgible people and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading each one of them. Some of the more memorable ones are

There are quite a few, I’m just too lazy to dig through my bookmarks collection

I know that I’m far from being called knowledgible, hopefully one day I’ll be called that 🙂

In the mean time, I have decided to stick to writing small posts, easy for people to read and understand. [Rule of Thumb: If you can split it into several distinct sections, you can split it into several posts]

No promises this time, I’ll write as much as I can, for my satisfaction. If people like it, awesome. If not, I’ll just have suck it up.

I’m back from a slumber, no more long posts, awesome techy and life stuff to come
(Woah, that was easy)


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Hi!, My name is Gokula Krishnan, you can (and I prefer) call me gokul. I'm a third year Computer Science major from BITS Pilani. I'm interested in Technology, Theoretical Computer Science and Discrete Mathematics. A FOSS enthusiast, I'm one of the founders of the BITS Firefox community. I'm currently working on Big Data Analytics, Machine learning and UNIX shell programming. My not-so-geeky hobbies include playing volleyball and football and origami

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