Book shelf

“You are what you eat”, but I prefer “You are what you read”. Here’s a list of books that I have read/reading/planning to read and recommend to others.

Computer Science

Data Structures and Algorithms

  • The Art of Computer Programming – Donald Knuth (If CLRS is the bible, TAOCP was written by god himself)
  • The Algorithm Design Manual – Steven Skiena (Quick Reference for algos for various common problems)
  • Introduction to Algorithms – Cormen (Good book if you are not interested in mathematics of algorithms)
  • Programming Pearls – Jon Bentley ( The name tells it all)

Programming Languages


  • The C programming Language – Ritchie & Kernighan
  • Let Us C – Yashavant Kanetkar ( most Indian programmers start with this, guess that makes it The Gita)


  • The C++ Programming Language – Bjarne Stroustrup


  • SCJP exam preparation book ( Not recommended for beginners, extremely useful later on)


  • A byte of Python (A friendly introduction to the awesomeness of python, start your python adventure here)
  • Dive into Python ( Bored of the playground?, welcome to the jungle!)


  • Learn You a Haskell For Great good ( For what its worth, there’s a blue elephant on the cover)


  • Learn Prolog Now ( Interested in making the next IBM Watson? start here)


Linear Algebra

  • Linear Algebra – Sergey Lang ( Easy to understand language with equal importance to both calculation and theoritical questions)
  • Elementary Linear Algebra – Andrilli & Hecker ( Handle with care, with cross-section references, try finishing an entire chapter at one go to avoid feeling lost)

Abstract Algebra

  • A First Course in Abstract Algebra – J B Fraleigh ( Awesome book, Helps you get a really good “feel” of abstract algebra)

Discrete Mathematics

  • Concrete Mathematics – D.E.Knuth ( Focuses more on CS application of Discrete Math, but still recommend because of Knuth’s friendly explanation and witty side-notes, a unique feature)
  • Elements of Discrete Mathematics – C L Liu ( No comments, this was the textbook for my Discrete structures course, so I had to read it)

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