Sharpening the saw

I first came across this concept in Jeff Atwood’s blog. Here’s how it goes, a traveller on his journey through a mountain came across a lumberjack hard at work, the traveller realized that the lumberjack’s saw was blunt and after a long time hard at work, he didn’t progress much. So the traveller suggests sharpening the saw, to which the lumberjack replied “I’m too busy doing my work that I don’t have time to sharpen my saw”. This situation is something we all face, we are too busy doing our jobs that we ignore things that are not directly related to our profession but would nevertheless improve our efficiency.

The Non-technical version:
I’m gonna put posts about my hobbies and other random things I do on this page

Random thoughts #0

Seen at the back of  a mass-produced deodorant

An exclusive range of body deodorants designed for the contemporary man

to suit his individuality and attitude

Wow, a mass produced product giving you individuality, how about that!!

Random Thoughts #1

   Where His Words Failed,His Actions Prevailed


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